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Rayearth Ending
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
Oversize, 10.5W x 9H
Ending Cel

Key Cel
End Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 8/13/2004
Updated 10/1/2004
This cel is probably the best Rayearth cel I have seen. It was used for the back cover art for the CD of the opening song for the 1st season of Rayearth. I'm not sure if it can be called a hanken, but it my favorite Rayearth cel.

I just added the CD cover to the single to which this cel image belongs. The song is the opening theme to Rayearth sung by Naomi Tamura

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Curator: rallihir
Gallery Created: 4/29/2002

Presentation 8.38/10   Collection 9.32/10   Overall 8.88/10   Votes 74 votes
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